May 25, 2024

somayeh naghavi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: univercity of jiroft
Education: PhD. in Agricultural Economics- Agricultural Marketing

Ongoing Research Plan

  • Supply chain of Agricultural Products
  • Water Crisis
  • Knowledge based economics
  • Food security
  • Contract Farming
  • Water resources management
  • Agent based model
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Production Economics and farm Management
  • Agricultural Development and Policy
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Research activities

Journal articles
somayeh naghavi, Mehdi Ahmad yosefi, Christos Damalas, Mehdi Mohammadi (2022) Factors affecting farmers’ safety behavior in the use of chemical pesticides: the role of technical efficiency INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEST MANAGEMENT:; 1-13
Abbas mirzaei, Hasan Azarm, somayeh naghavi (2022) Optimization of cropping pattern under seasonal fluctuations of surface water using multistage stochastic programming Water Science and Technology-Water Supply: doi: 10.2166/ws.2022.224; 1-13
Abbas mirzaei, Abas Abdeshahi, Hasan Azarm, somayeh naghavi (2021) New design of water-energy-food-environment nexus for sustainable agricultural management STOCHASTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND RISK ASSESSMENT:; 1-14
somayeh naghavi, Zohre Ebrahimi-Khusfi, Abbas mirzaei (2021) Decoupling pollution-agricultural growth and predicting climate change impacts on decoupling index using Bayesian network in different climatic regions ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH: 10.1007/s11356-021-16662-9; 1-18
Azam khosravi Mashizi, Mohsen Sharafatmandrad, somayeh naghavi (2021) Ecosystems multiple-use management: an approach based on change in economic, social, and ecological values of plant communities International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology: 2021; 1-14
somayeh naghavi, hossein mehrabi boshrabadi (2021) Impact of water resources sustainability on Technological Gap Ratio of agricultural sector Environmental Resources Research: 9; 57-68
somayeh naghavi, alireza karbasi, mahmood daneshvar kakhki (2020) Agent Based Modelling of Milk and its Productions Supply Chain and Bullwhip Effect Phenomena (Case Study: Kerman) International journal of supply and operations management: 7; 279-294
Zohre Ebrahimi-Khusfi, Fatemeh Roostii, mohsen ebrahimi khusfi, somayeh naghavi (2019) Investigation of the relationship between dust storm index, climatic parameters, and normalized difference vegetation index using the ridge regression method in arid regions of Central Iran Arid Land Research and Management: 10.1080/15324982.2019.1694087; 1-26
Conference articles
Mohsen Adeli_Sardooei, somayeh naghavi (2024) Farmers’ knowledge of natural enemies as biological control method in greenhouse , iran, jiroft
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  • Microeconomic
  • Microeconomic
  • ٍEconomic Evaluation of Industrial Projects
  • ٍEconomic Evaluation of Agricultural Projects
  • Management & Project Control